Back2Roots - Retired

Spread the love has been retired and acquired by CandyBox2.

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The following information has been provided for archival and general reference purposes:

Back to the Roots found its home at, An Amiga friendly networking group at the University of Trondheim, Norway.

Please note: Back to the Roots was a 100% non profit project, operated by a bunch of volunteers who maintained this project in their free time with the help of numerous contributors. They all together donated large amounts of time, content, online costs, hardware, connectivity and bandwidth to provide a high quality free service.

Thank you for all the donations and all work contributed over the years!

We also ran a Back to the Roots IRC channel provided by friends at

Server: - Port: 6667 - Channel: #back2roots

Unfortunately, due to ever increasing costs, resources and time, Back2Roots had to be completed.

Upon completion of the project, was retired and brought into the CandyBox2 Gaming family.

Archived News

It's still unbelievable for us, but the american tv channel ZDTV has mentioned and shown BTTR in their TV show The Screen Savers! They brought a report about the Amiga and PC demo scene and said, that BTTR is a good source for that. Read the entire article (original video already removed) at Screen Savers homepage. Many thanks to everyone at ZDTV for the good taste :)

Our Web Directory was updated again, you find links to many new and interesting Amiga sites there.

Another company has permitted us to upload their old Amiga classics and this time it's a company coming from France: Lankhor!!! One of their games - the puzzle-shoot'em up Outzone was already uploaded. Titles like Mortville Manor, Maupiti Island and others will follow during the next weeks and of course a company review about Lankhor will come online soon. Another damn fine game is coming from Peter Verswyvelen. He allowed us to upload his excellent Thrust clone Zarathrusta, which was distributed in the past by Hewson. After a short break we have included also two new adventure games from Sierra to our archive: Black Cauldron and Police Quest 3. Other new titles at the games section are the good looking Tanx clone Battle Duel, the Asteroids alike game Rox and the mind game Delarith.

No update without Mods. During the last weeks and even today many new tunes were uploaded. This time from artists like Dizzy, Acetip or Absys.

And in the pictures section some new scene pics from Visualize, Alias and many others are waiting for you... Special thanks to Mr. Ed from GFX Zone, the worlds largest scene picture archive, for telling us the makers of some pics we did not know yet, to make the BTTR picture archive a little bit more complete. Excellent work! Thanks.

And finally, some news in the Tools section: Fellow 0.35 was released, fixing some minor bugs of the 0.34 version. ADF-Opus now has a new maintainer, Gary Harris, the maintainer of the official alt.emulators.amiga FAQ now also takes care of the best windoz ADF handling utility there is. As the first act, gary released the new version ADF Opus 0.7. We can be sure it is in good hands. People who use WinAMP should really upgrade to the new WinAMP 2.6 which fixes a nasty bug showing mods multiple times when adding entire directories to the playlist. And last but not least, two new sets of AMOS distribution disks were uploaded, AMOS The Creator 1.21 and Easy AMOS 1.01.